Pregnancy Massage and its Benefits

Pregnancy Massage and it is Benefits

Pregnancy massage is beneficial throughout the entire nine months from the pregnancy and beyond however it�s essential to discuss this together with your local doctor before visiting a therapist at a Beauty Salon where most of these treatments are offered. One of the more established companies in britain is based in Leamington Spa.
Typically this type of massage session takes 45- 60 minutes and there are some fundamental things to remember. It is certainly a good idea to do not eat a large meal before the massage or drinking large amounts of liquids.

pregnancy massage Leamington Spa
When a woman is 22-weeks-pregnant select longer safe on her behalf to lay on her back with there being deep blood vessels which can be restricted due to the weight of the baby, causing decreased circulation to get a mother and her unborn baby. This often manifests itself in swollen feet and quite often hands.
It makes sense therefore to locate a therapist who is certified during pregnancy massage because it is crucial that you know and understand what is and is not safe for the mother and her baby
Pregnancy massage range from anything from a full body Swedish massage to light massage work which may include circulatory work, reflexology or cranial therapy. Many massage therapists offer several other elements with the pregnancy massage that stimulate overall wellness generally so check with your therapist in terms of what exactly is available as part of a suggested course of treatments.
Like a series of treatments might help reduce swelling especially in the feet and ankles as it improves blood circulation sometimes quoted up to 15% during a massage of this kind. The treatments are designed to also work on the lower back where there is usually tension as part of the pregnancy. It may reduce tension and tightening which can be experienced throughout the body as it tones up muscles and can help increase flexibility.
An integral facet is the Hydrotherm hot water system that is used for weightlessness and floating on water feeling. It helps perfect positioning for future mums being comfortable for a minimum of an hour at a time or longer plus no changing of positions midway through or at any other time so the trance like state won’t be disturbed. No other systems on earth compares when catering for pregnancy massage.
There are more less obvious claims such as an improvement in the mother�s disease fighting capability through the release of endorphins plus assisting to relieve anxiety within the wellness improvement.
Most massage therapists want to keep their room quiet and also at a comfortable temperature for that mother, sometimes playing quiet music in the shadows.
Finally it is worth considering continuing with treatments post birth as it eases stress that mothers often feel following the birth of the baby especially if it is their first pregnancy.

pregnancy massage Leamington Spa

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